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9:00 am & 7:00 pm

Also, prior to the night meeting, beginning promptly at 5:00pm, there will be a presentation on MPSO retirement and your pension.

All MPSO members are invited and encouraged to attend this session to ensure you are fully aware and informed of your pension and retirement benefits.  Those members with twenty (20) or more years of service are seriously advised to attend.

    Issues that will be presented will include, but are not limited to:

-What is the retirement process?   Who do I talk to?   When?   What do I need to be eligible for retirement?

-How does the Global Pension Settlement affect me?  What does it include? How are those benefits calculated?

-What are my survivorship options?  Who can I select?   How much will it cost?

-What are my Health Ins benefits in retirement?   How much will Health Insurance cost me down the road?

-What other benefits have I earned?  How do I make sure I receive all the benefits that I earned?

-Accumulated leave?  What is it?  How do I earn it?  Is it better for me to run-it-out or take a buy-out?

-What is Terminal Leave?   How much am I eligible for?  What can I do with it?

-What Life Insurance can I purchase in retirement?  What is appropriate?  What are my options?

-What are the parameters and limits for Deferred Comp and other tax deferred deposits at retirement?

The decisions you make at retirement, along with how prepared and knowledgeable you are as you approach making those decisions, will affect your and your family’s financial situation for the rest of your lives.

2015 - 2016 Contract Update

The tentative implementation schedule is:

January 3rd, 2016:  Pay Period #2 - 2016 pay rates go into effect

January 28th, 2016: 2016 pay rates appear on members checks, along with member pension contributions

February 25th, 2016:  Retro payments for pay periods from pay period #1, 2015, through pay period #2, 2016, will appear on members pay period #4 paycheck.

Rates of pay can be viewed using these tables:


Associates Degree

Bachelors Degree

Masters Degree

Time Donation Program

As most of our member know, member Sebastian Raclaw has has recently qualified for time donations because of his serious illness. The MPSO encourages our members to donate.  If you do decide to help, we prefer the following procedure:

  1. 1. Fill out the donation forms in 8 hour increments.  If you wish to donate more time, fill out multiple forms, e.g. if giving 40 hours, fill out 5 forms for 8 hours.  This allows us to spread out the donations and tailor donations to needs.

  2. 2.Send the forms to the MPSO Hall, or to any MPSO Board members.  If sent directly to the city, you will be charged the hours, whether they are used or not.

  3. 3.Vice-President Carmelo Patti will coordinate the donations.  Questions can be directed to him.

Any generosity is greatly appreciated.  Download the Donor Leave Intent Form pdf.


As our members are aware, the state law which overruled the City of MIlwaukee’s residency requirement for our members has been winding it’s way through the Wisconsin judiciary.  In the latest twist, the Court of Appeals has now ruled that law unconstitutional, essentially restoring the City’s right to impose residency.

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court has now decided to review this case, and we have no firm time frame as to when we can expect a decision.

Meanwhile, the City’s official position is as follows:

“On July 21, 2015, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals rightfully issued a unanimous decision upholding the City of Milwaukee’s 75 year old residency ordinance. The ordinance requires all city employees to become residents of the city within 6 months of hire, and to remain residents as a condition of being employed by the city. The Court’s decision held that under the Home Rule Amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution, the City of Milwaukee is entitled to enforce the ordinance in spite of a state statute enacted in June, 2013 to the contrary.

The City of Milwaukee is committed to continuing its residency rule. However, in consideration of uncertainty during the time it may take to know whether the Wisconsin Supreme Court will review the case, the City has agreed to continue to suspend enforcement of the ordinance. The City will fully enforce the ordinance once the Supreme Court either refuses review or affirms the Court of Appeals’ well-founded opinion. Employees who disregard the ordinance do so at their own risk.”

Healthy Rewards Program

If you haven’t already, check out  This program allows you to earn $250 towards a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).  Don’t leave money on the table!



Interested in advertising on our website?  Call the office for more information on a low cost way to advertise to the membership.  

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Need some plumbing work?  Check out the link for JR Plumbing. Make sure to mention you are an MPSO member.  They did some great work for us at the MPSO hall.  Thanks guys!



2900 W. Forest Home Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53215
414.672.MPSO (6776)
414.672.6798 (fax)

Board of Directors

Nick Kerhin - President
Carmelo Patti - Vice President
Mark Wroblewski - Treasurer
Scott Charles - Secretary 
Joe Seitz - Director
Gregg Duran - Director

Tom Klusman - Labor Relations Manager
2016 General Membership Meetings
February 29th 
(includes retirement presentation)
May 16th
August 15th
November 14th

2016 Christmas Party
December 15thmailto:mpsompd@hotmail.comshapeimage_2_link_0

Sponsors & Friends

Joe Sullivan

Financial Consultant

Kurt Triebold

Financial Consultant

Milwaukee Retired Police Association

Sebastian Raclaw Abdominal Cancer Research Fund.

Job Opportunities

State Fair Park Police

Officers who have retired in good standing and have an active LESB certification may call (414) 266-7033 for more information and an application.

Mount Mary University

Public Safety Officer:

2nd Shift: 3pm to 11pm - weekends

Mount Mary University is currently seeking an individual to contribute to the realization of our mission through the role of part time (2 days/week) Public Safety Officer.  Prior security experience and a valid WI driver’s license and CPR/AED certification preferred. 

For confidential consideration, please apply on line at or send resume to  

Any questions, please feel free to call 414-258-4810 and contact either Paul Leshok, Director of Public Safety at  x658 or Christine Lukas Human Resource Rep. at  x350.

University School of Milwaukee

Security Officer:

University School of Milwaukee is seeking part-time security officers; shifts vary, additional hours required on as needed basis. The ideal candidate will have the ability to be flexible beyond scheduled work hours, will have good communication skills, the ability to deal with a wide variety of people and situations, and to quickly and calmly assess situations. Interested candidates please send a resume to

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