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Open Membership Meetings

Monday, November 17th, 2014 @ 9 am & 7 pm


WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3RD, 2014 @ 4:30 pm


In response to member’s requests for a pre-2015 session by the many 1990’s-era members coming eligible for retirement, the MPSO Board is offering this presentation for its members only.

ALL MPSO members are encouraged to attend.  Members are also encouraged to bring their spouse so that they are also fully informed on your pension and retirement benefits. Those members with twenty (20) or more years of service are seriously advised to attend.

Issues that will be presented will include, but are not limited to:

An itemized overview and listing of your earned post-retirement benefits.

What is the retirement process?   Who do I talk to?   When?   What do I need to be eligible for retirement?

How does the Global Pension Settlement effect me?  What does it include? How are those benefits calculated?

What are the income tax and possible tax penalties relating to the GPS and other payments.

What are my Health Ins benefits in retirement?   How much will Health Insurance cost me down the road?  

What other benefits have I earned?  How do I make sure I receive all those benefits that I earned?

Accumulated leave?  What is it?  Is it better for me to run-it-out or have it bought out?

What is Terminal Leave?   How much am I eligible for?  What can I do with it?

What Life Insurance can I purchase, what is appropriate?  What are my options; City vs. commercial policies?

What are the parameters and limits for Deferred Comp and other tax deferred deposits at retirement?

¬The decisions you make at retirement, along with how prepared and knowledgeable you are as you approach making those decisions, will affect your and your family’s financial situation for the rest of your lives.





MPSO HALL - 2900 West Forest Home Avenue

Food and drinks served all day

Doors Open at 11:00 am for Lunch, and will stay open throughout the entire day, including Dinner …and into the evening.

MPSO Wins Seniority Grievance Arbitration


UPDATE:  The MPSO continues to investigate credible reports of contract violations regarding Day Shift seniority, and we have made repeated requests for work schedules.  MPD is fully aware they are required by law to provide information for our investigation.  The Administration has apparently decided to escalate their obstructive tactics (see below) by refusing to even acknowledge our requests.  The MPSO has now filed a prohibited practice complaint with the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission, against the City, to get MPD to comply with the law.  The date for the hearing is pending.

On Friday, June 5th, 2014, the MPSO and the City received a grievance arbitration award relating to Article 44 Duty Assignment (day shift by seniority) of our labor contract.   This decision came following numerous complaints by members that other members were assigned day shift duty hours without the requisite seniority. 

In response to our members concerns, MPSO staff and leadership attempted dialogue with the department’s Executive Staff to ascertain the validity of these allegations, and to ensure compliance with the labor agreement if in fact the allegations were true.  Receiving no cooperation, the MPSO filed for documents in order to investigate.  As the decision recognizes, the MPSO’s investigation was repeatedly frustrated by MPD, which was unwilling, and at times unable, to provide us information in a timely manner.   Though it may seem incredible, MPD has no reliable or uniform manner to determine which hours of the day it’s members are actually working.  While the investigation was ongoing, MPD actually reduced it’s documentation, eliminating PD-2s for a number of work locations, including those in which we suspect violations of the seniority article.

With a lack of response from the department, we ultimately engaged the City Attorney’s office to get the department to provide the required information.  That information, once received, showed “dozens and dozens” of violations, in the words of the arbitrator.  Further discussions with the department’s Executive Staff again yielded no solution or end to the violations.   At that point, the resources each member provides, financial and staff time, had to be expended to ensure the terms of our labor agreement were adhered to.

Ultimately, a complaint had to be filed with the WERC.  Mediation was first attempted, but again compliance was not achieved.  A hearing was held before the arbitrator in January of this year at which time evidence and testimony were presented by both sides.  This decision is the result.

Click here to download the full decision.   It’s only 17 pages, and should be read by every member.

Finally, all members are reminded that just as the members involved in this decision are not “at fault” but were assigned those hours by the department, and that there is a “work now, grieve later” principle that we all must adhere to.   If you or another member are assigned to work day shift duty hours (regular shift start time before 11:00am, extension is OK) and you are not yet day eligible, like any order that is not illegal, obey it and notify your MPSO representative immediately.  Also, do NOT assign your subordinates (supervisors or otherwise) to duty hours that do not comply with the terms of the labor agreement your employer entered into with them.


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“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

                                                                                                                          -Benjamin Franklin

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