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2017 MPSO Directors’ Election

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The following members of the MPSO were nominated (in the following order) at the general membership meetings of Monday, August 21st, 2017.  Carmelo J. Patti Joseph T. Hall Nicholas B. Kerhin  As previously communicated, this is a regular election, two (2) positions of Director, each with a term of office of  January 1st, 2018 through […]

Blue Racism

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Our friends and partners at the New York City Sergeant’s Benevolent Association (SBA) have shared a video with us about the sad but true reality of what is now occurring around this country, including here in Milwaukee.    View it here:

Deferred Comp Troubles

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The MPSO is receiving numerous reports and complaints from members regarding many, many problems with the City’s change-over of our deferred compensation to Voya.   Members are encouraged to closely review your bi-weekly pay stubs and your deferred comp account detail.   This is your money.   If you find any issues, contact the City’s Deferred […]

FLSA Adjustments coming March 9, 2017

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The City Comptroller’s office has identified a coding error in how they had been calculating overtime payments for some overtime worked.  These formulas have to do with the FLSA and the 40 hours worked threshold.   The City has advised the MPSO that they have corrected the coding and ran retro corrections.   Those members […]

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