June 1, 2020

Over the last few days I have spoken to FOP leadership across the country whose members are actively under attack by rioting and demonstrations following the in-custody death of George Floyd. It is clear that we are facing unprecedented challenges and our jobs are becoming less safe. As National FOP President, I released a statement on-behalf of the FOP on the events in Minneapolis. The actions of a few do not define the 800,000 men and women who stand as a first line of defense in communities across America.

We are ordinary people who answer to the higher calling of public service, and at times are called upon to do extraordinary things by putting ourselves in danger. I cannot be more proud as I express my support and respect for our members who are facing violence and the dangerous criminals who are trying to destroy the very fiber of communities in cities across the nation.

Law enforcement continues to face adversity and escalating tension towards our noble profession. While it is hard to see at times, the vast majority of Americans appreciate each of you and what you represent. Unfortunately, the loudest voices of today continue to breed hatred. Right now all eyes are on law enforcement and our actions. In times like these it is important that we represent the profession as dedicated men and women in blue who are committed to the service and protection of our communities.

Be safe, be vigilant, be professional and be proud to be part of our noble profession.


Patrick Yoes

National President

Fraternal Order of Police