How do these things happen ?

The Force Science Institute is dedicated to promoting the value of knowledge through empirical research in behavioral science and human dynamics. We develop and disseminate high quality scientifically grounded education, training, and consultation to support fact-based investigations, inform decision processes, enhance public safety, and improve peace officer performance in critical situations.

Force Science is the research and application of unbiased scientific principles and processes to determine the true nature of human behavior in high stress and deadly force encounters.

Staffed by a world-class team of physicians, psychologists, behavioral scientists, attorneys, and other leading professionals, the Force Science Institute is dedicated to the unbiased application and further study of 150 years of existing scientific research on a wide range of areas associated with human factors, including the intricacies of human movement, action/reaction times, how the mind works during rapidly unfolding events, and decision-making under stress.


Read the report here:  forcescience.org-Unintended A Theory of Taser Weapon Confusion