MPSO Director Nick Kerhin announces his Retirement

MPSO Director Nicholas (Nick) Kerhin has announced that he will be retiring from the Milwaukee Police Department on May 22nd, 2019.  Nick has served the citizens of the City of Milwaukee with distinction for more than 25 years, and the members of this Organization likewise for more than 12 years.

Nick was first elected to the MPSO Board back in early 2007 by his colleagues; the Supervisors, Managers, Leaders, & Commanders of the Milwaukee Police Department.  He has served continuously since and through the most difficult, complex, and transformational times in our history.

Nick has diligently served the MPSO membership in nearly every position our Board has; Director, Secretary, Vice President, and President.  Let it be known that things don’t just happen.  Back when Nick was first elected to our Board, things weren’t so good.  He has been an integral and forceful advocate for MPD supervisors beginning with our first successful contract arbitration case back in 2008, two more complex and protracted contract arbitrations in 2010 and 2015, and 4 more negotiated settlements, not to mention a plethora of disciplinary matters, several important memorandums of understanding, and many, many related issues.  Without pause, he has not, nor did he ever allow anyone else to rest or become complacent.  Every member of this Organization today enjoys better wages, hours, and working conditions because of Nick’s service to us.

We as a Board and membership will sorely miss Nick’s calm yet colossal intellect and ability to discern the complex intricacies of even more complex situations involving human behavior, law enforcement, public safety labor matters, and police supervisory practices; to name a few.  Nick has been an architect and a catalyst for the successful policies that the MPSO has implemented during his tenure, all with a single aim; to better represent the interests of every MPSO member.  As Nick has so many times unabashedly said: “It is my job to represent my members and put them in the best position possible.”

Without question, Nick has accomplished what many claim, but few actually do; to leave something better than it was when he found it.  Nick has been an advocate for labor education and professionalism throughout every moment of his tenure on the MPSO Board.  He not only demanded it, he was an example of it.  He raised the bar regularly for himself, and in turn raised up all of us with him.  Make no mistake; many, many long days and nights were sacrificed dealing with and defending member’s issues and interests.

The MPSO therefore wholeheartedly expresses our collective gratitude to Nick for his service to us and we wish him the very best on his well-earned and deserved retirement.